Action on the river

After that miserable piece of poker knowledge that Mr. Blue dropped here last time, I will show you something today that you can really use to improve your own game. It’s all about certain moves you can make on the river.

I stumbled upon this subject because I was involved in a specific situation this week during a tournament on FTP:

I like my hand a little more because I’m on the button here. I could have raised, but try to see a flop cheaply here. Now the Ace flops with a pair of threes and the small blind leads out: always risky. However, I’m not folding of course and try to see what he’ll do on the turn. He bets the same amount on the turn which could be a sign of having a three: there’s a small chance that I’m going to outdraw that hand on this board. When he bets small on the river again I have enough information and I make a raise for two reasons.

First of all I was playing fairly loose-aggressive on this table and he could call me here with a medium pocket pair because of my image. And second, he might have a smaller Ace and pay my value raise. I think he had like 55 or something and he folds. Btw, if you would like to read more of my plays and the terrible beats I have to face now and then in specific, you can visit my own very interesting poker blog!

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