Downswings on Pokerstars

Yes, bad news for our two players over there: Ms. Pink and Mr. Blue. Especially Ms. Pink had her first downswing this week: down from $171 to $132.

She had a bad run on ‘her’ territory: the 9 handed $5 sng’s. After that she decided to have a shot at the 180 handed sng on Pokerstars ($5). That didn’t go that bad, she was coming close to the money but was getting shortstacked. Pocket ladies are welcome at that point:

Not funny if you played two hours to end up like this… It also looks like the party at Mr. Blue’s house has come to an end: he’s down to $205. He tried some MTT’s again after his last cash out, without much success. Then he was close to a win in a sng with 18 players, when he had a deep stack and got aces:

So that guy could dodge bullets and Mr. Blue ended up as runner up in that tournament 8) . Meanwhile Mr. White is happy he finally has some bankroll and can play the $10 sng’s, which he did pretty well, leading the challenge with $279. I also had a good run and was able to upgrade my bankroll from $173 to $218, playing a mixture of hu-games and 6 handed sng’s

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