Flop a flush, play a final table

This is more like it, after all troubles with playing on Pokerstars, we switched poker rooms and this worked out very well for me. We gave ourselves the absolute freedom to chose another online casino, and while those two other guys are trying to reach a final table on freakin’ PKR, I grabbed another 5 points on FTP. This brings my total amount on 7, only three points away from three consecutive challenge wins.

I played a tournament with 175 other players, $2 buy-in. I survived the early hours pretty easy and knew I could actually win the tournament with a little luck. This luck seemed to overcome me on the next hand, which was pretty deciding for my chipstack:

Flopping a flush is always nice of course. Problem most of the times is to extract some chips from your opponents, certainly when you’re only playing heads-up against the big blind. On the turn I make a decent bet, because I don’t want another spade to come on the river. But the BB shoves and I have to call this obviously, only a cold deck can beat me here. I don’t believe my eyes when I see this guys hand, he sure must have thought he could get me off my hand here, because there are just so many hands that will beat him.

I leak some chips afterwards but I was lucky to have the shortstack of the table getting dealt AT, right on the moment I had AK. After this hand I regain the chiplead:

From that moment on I absolutely tried to win the thing by bullying the other players as chipleader. Pity for me I ran into a flopped set twice and I was the first one to go instead. Here’s my fantastic result (click) and the new ranking in our challenge:

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