Gambling for the tournament win

With Mr. White at seven points now, I felt like playing some tournaments last week to close the gap. PKR guaranteed me a nice bonus so I now play at this online poker room. They offer good tournaments at almost every moment I log in, so I’m very satisfied about it at the moment. They should only let me slip into a final table one time.

I played a tournament with like 180 players and decided early on to go for the win here and to gamble from time to time. Here’s the first hand I want to show you (not coverted into a hand replayer because the HH format of PKR sucks monkeyb***s):

Ante = 100
Seat 1: BURDOCK4 – 17,725
Seat 2: rrfc1994 – 75,006
Seat 3: Mr. Blue – 14,900
Seat 4: tFliPPeRKe – 6,766 (BUTTON)
Seat 5: huffmiester – 77,519 (SMALL BLIND, 400)
Seat 6: Aosdanan – 17,706 (BIG BLIND, 800)
Seat 7: rfcl1892 – 51,159
Seat 8: PckTKings – 119,684
Seat 9: TouchinCloth1 – 49,918
Seat 10: darnley86 – 85,164

Dealing to Mr. Blue
rfcl1892 folds – PckTKings folds – TouchinCloth1 folds
darnley86 calls 800
BURDOCK4 folds – rrfc1994 folds
Mr. Blue raises to 2,400
tFliPPeRKe raises to 6,666 (all-in)
huffmiester calls 6,666
Aosdanan folds – darnley86 folds
Mr. Blue raises to 14,800 (all-in)
huffmiester calls 14,800
Pot sizes: 22,598
Pot sizes: 16,268

tFliPPeRKe shows
huffmiester shows

Dealing Flop
Dealing Turn
Dealing River

Mr. Blue has Flush, King high
Mr. Blue wins 16,268 from side pot #1 with: Flush, King high
huffmiester claps.
Mr. Blue wins 22,598 with: Flush, King high

This huffmiester guy is making fun of my game first, but must realize in the end that i made a very good play here with my JT suited, I even catch a royal flush draw on the turn. Some hands later we collide again:

Seat 1: BURDOCK4 – 17,375
Seat 2: rrfc1994 – 74,656
Seat 3: Mr. Blue – 38,616
Seat 4: BigG1985 – 10,613
Seat 5: huffmiester – 16,994
Seat 6: Aosdanan – 22,681
Seat 7: rfcl1892 – 49,309 (BUTTON)
Seat 8: PckTKings – 118,334 (SMALL BLIND, 500)
Seat 9: TouchinCloth1 – 49,568 (BIG BLIND, 1000)
Seat 10: darnley86 – 128,139

Dealing to Mr. Blue
darnley86 calls 1,000
BURDOCK4 folds – rrfc1994 folds
Mr. Blue raises to 4,000
BigG1985 folds
huffmiester raises to 16,869 (all-in)
Aosdanan folds – rfcl1892 folds
huffmiester says good luck to Mr. Blue.
PckTKings folds – TouchinCloth1 folds – darnley86 folds
Mr. Blue calls 16,869
Pot sizes: 37,488

huffmiester shows
Dealing Flop
Dealing Turn
Dealing River
huffmiester has Two Pairs: Kings, 8s
Mr. Blue has Two Pairs: Aces, 8s
Mr. Blue wins 37,488 with: Two Pairs: Aces, 8s

Like I needed some luck with my shiny aces against this KJ^^. So I take down this pot also, but from then on it’s the same old story again. I make a deep run in the tournament but I’m not able to make that final jump towards the final table.

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