Let it be a warning

So with this new challenge going on I try to find some time now and then to play tournaments. I know the other two guys play a lot more than I do, but that doesn’t really matter. As you saw in the last post from Mr. Blue, their performances are really poor so I’m confident to win this thing after my first tournament.

That’s because I almost immediately reached the final table in a tournament with 180 players. Let’s show some hands. Blinds were already 100/200 when I took this strange pot with a pair of sixes:

When everybody calls me on the turn, I’m quiete sure I have the best hand but I don’t like the river Ace: somebody could easily have called with Ace high. However, it’s the beginning of a good run, some hands later:

Kings in late position with the blinds already gone up to 125/250, that’s worth a minraise. A shorty feels like going all-in with AJ and my hand holds up; at that moment I’m in tenth place with 23 players left. But then I drain some chips and the next hand I’ve got the feeling I have to move with my short stack:

Some guy with KQ understands that I don’t need much of a hand there to shove my chips all-in and that’s the end of it: I finish in 14th place but I feel like winning this challenge once again.

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