Mixing up the table


Well, my most favorite poker table isn’t really as balanced as Mr. White’s one… They basically have no associations with eachother, but that’s why it will be a funny gang to play with 

1 Daniel Negreanu. Just like Mr. White and Ms. Pink, I invite Kid Poker to this game. His capabilities regarding to the game are clear and he always remains a nice guy, even after a huge bad beat.

2 Greg Raymer. Greg, I’m looking after those glasses for like 3 years now, just come to my game and tell me where I can buy them!

3 Barry Greenstein. His Ace on the River meant a lot to my own game, without it I would possibly not even play this game anymore.

4 Victor Ramdin. This guy can play poker, tries to do good for other people and is a funny guy. Welcome at my table Victor.

5 Scotty Nguyen. Be honest, drunk people are always an enrichment for every company. And especially a company sitting on a poker table. And we’ll always have fresh beers.

We would prefer it if you would stay away:

Alan Cunningham. Seriously, this guy is too good. Everybody will be depressed of losing all the chips.

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