Mr. Blue has his first ‘bracelet’

I’m very happy to inform you about my victory in our first Event of the PSOP 🙂 . I beated Mr. Orange heads-up in the quest for 90€ and six points for the overall classification.

Mr. White and Ms. Blonde were already knocked out during the second blind level. Blonde went broke on slowplaying Aces against Mr. Brown, who catched his flush on the river. And Mr. White couldn’t throw away his Queens preflop against my Kings. About 45 minutes later, Ms. Pink left the table and Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange and Mr. Brown were left to play the most important pot of the evening:

Mr. Blue (button) 4600, 6c7c

Mr. Brown (sb,30) 3800, AcJc

Mr. Orange (bb,60) 3600, As7s

So some pretty huge hands three handed. I raised it up from the button to 180 and I was raised by Mr. Brown to 600. Orange called, so did I. Flop came: 5cAd4c. Brown bets 600 again with toppair and the nut flushdraw, Orange min raises to 1200 with hís Ace and I shove with my huge draw. Brown of course calls and Orange folds. Turn is 8h and gives me the straight, river is a blank: Ks. After that hand I have 10200 chips against Orange with 1800 chips left.

When the blinds were 100/200 the final hand was played. Orange pushed his 2200 chips in the middle with KdQd and I called with 88, which held up. Looking forward to Event 2!

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