Ms Pink takes the lead!

Hello pokerpeople. The challenge is on now for three days and some of us are on the right way towards that $1000, playing No limit poker. Ms. Pink leads at the moment with a bankroll of $79. She mainly played 9 handed sit ‘n go tournaments with a $2 buy-in. Nevertheless she stated she could have made a lot more profit when she would have won more of her heads-up situations.

Second at the moment is Mr. White with $72. He played a mixture of 9 handed and multi-table (up to 45 partcipants) sit ‘n go’s with a $2 buy-in. He made a nice cash-out in a 27 handed tournament, where he ended up as runner-up: $12.42. Of course this achievement couldn’t go by without him reporting a ‘genius play’ on the final table. The player to his right was on sit-out for some reason which made him instant fold every time it was his turn. The player to his left noticed that and tried (and succeeded) to pick up his blinds by raising preflop each time. Mr. White stopped this pattern with the following play which he ofcourse wanted me to show you:

I can be short about myself: after cashing in some shorthanded sit ‘n go’s I tried to make a big step towards the $1000 by playing some big multi-table tournaments, but I never cashed. My bankroll amounts to $58 at the moment. Mr. Brown is in last position with $41, not being succesfull in shorthanded and heads-up tournaments. Nevertheless he reassures his fans the tide will turn because now he knows that online poker is rigged, he will adjust his play to it.

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