One suck out not enough for a final table

Mr. White and Mr. Orange have collected some points in the challenge recently, but it looks like I’m not really a tournament player in the end. Of course, I can make some decent profits in single table sit ‘n go’s, after all I proved that during our first challenge over here. But in the big tournaments you just need a certain dose of luck on several important moments.

Sometimes I’m lucky and I can even make a deep run, but I just can’t make it to a final table till this moment. Just to let you know that I’m still participating in this challenge, I saved one of my sweetest suck-outs of the past few weeks, enjoy:

After all players just call preflop and on the flop, I feel like I have to fire a third decent bullet on the turn. After I get reraised I have to call: mainly because I’m committed, but also because I can still be in the lead against a flushdraw! When I see i’m against A8, I realize I’m in big trouble: I’ve only a 4.55% chance to win this hands with only two outs left in the deck. As you can see, sometimes that’s just enough.

Next time I hope to have the same amount of luck, but on a more crucial moment than this. Maybe I might reach a final table then.

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