Pink beats Brown heads up in second Poker Event

Our second Event in the PSOP took place yesterday, a NLHE tourney with rebuys and add-on and it was win Ms. Pink who won the Event and $126, beating Mr. Brown who won a $54 prize but was down six bucks nevertheless 🙂 .

That was because he had to rebuy when this was still possible and decided to buy an add-on, so he was in for 60€ total. However, by finishing second, he acquired 5 points for the allround ranking, where Brown, Blue and Pink all have 9 points now (Orange/White 6, Blonde 3). This was becaused Mr. Orange, runner-up in the first event was eliminated early this time and didn’t opt for a rebuy. Some moments later exactly the same happened to our other newbie, Ms. Blonde. So it was the old gang from that moment on 😉 .

Ms. Pink and Mr. White (each one having eliminated a player) were the chipleaders, Brown and Blue were short. Brown went broke right before the break and decided to rebuy and add-on one hand later. Pink also opted for an add-on. Right áfter the break, Mr. Blue was eliminated by Ms. Pink when his pocket Tens didn’t hold up against Pinks AQ. I didn’t have to see the rest of the tournament and decided to throw my laptop on the table and play some online poker for the rest of the evening. Not a bad decision: I made $70 playing some double-or-nothing tournaments. The deciding hand in our tournament was again played threehanded:

Mr. White (button) 3800, Kh9s

Ms. Pink (sb, 50) 9500, 8s3d

Mr. Brown (bb, 100) 4700, JdTh

Mr. White raises it up preflop (350) with a reasonably good hand shorthanded and gets called by Mr. Brown. The flop comes KsQs3h and gives Mr. White his toppair but Mr. Brown the OESD. Brown checks and White makes a continuation bet of 550, called by Brown. The turn is the one you probably already guessed: the 9 (of diamonds). Brown checks again and White bets 1250 and Brown moves all-in. White puts him on a spade draw and calls of course. The river is a blank, the Ace of diamonds.

It were two big stacks against each other from that moment on in a very long heads-up session. At one point Brown had a chiplead of 13k vs 5k, but when Pink was short stack and finally HAD to play aggressive, she took some big and important pots. Final showdown was Pink shoving from the SB with KJ, called by Brown with KT: KJ held up. PLO next time!

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