Pink in Pole Position

Despite of his great confidence last times, Mr. White had to hand over the lead in the challenge to Ms. Pink again. Besides some cash outs in 9 handed $5 tournaments, she finally succeeded to finish in the money in an 18 handed tournament ($5), ending up winning it ($36). This led to a bankroll of $127.

With all the respect for Ms. Pink, cashing in a tournament becomes a lot easier when you’re a lucky * 😉 . Look at the following hand, which prevented her from being eliminated in the sng with 18 players:

That so never happens to me. Another cash out in an 18 handed tourney wasn’t really a matter of luck, but was caused by some donkyhead who just goes all in with a shitty pair:

Ms. Pink stated that she perfectly disguised the hand as a ‘ button steal’. Yeah, could be. Meanwhile Mr. White wasn’t able to expand his bankroll, but downgraded it towards $112. This is mainly due to the fact that he didn’t win anything: some small cash outs didn’t make up for his losses.

My bankroll is also a little down compared to last time: $66. This is really unbelievable because I was up to $95 for a moment, but then I had a little steam on the hu-tables after I faced a really bad beat in a 6 handed tournament, ending up third. I called a preflop raise with T 7 and flopped 2 pair after which somebody with KK catched a third king on the river when I was all-in. It also looks like some monkeys gave Mr. Blue action when he finally got his bullets, because his bankroll is above $50 again ($51). Happy New Year!

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