Pink wins Main Event, White best overall

The Pokerheist Series of Poker have come to an end. It was Ms. Pink who won the deep stack Main Event, her second ‘bracelet’ and a 210€ prize. In the overall classification, Mr. White and Mr. Blue ended up with the same amount of points (20) and as both won one event, the classification of the Main Event was deciding for giving away the 150€ and as Mr. White finished third and Blue fourth, White also won our second ‘challenge’.

By winning the Main Event, Ms. Pink was the only player who won two events. Just like in the real Main Event, the best players were knocked out first, with myself finishing in sixth place. Ms. Blonde was eliminated next in fifth place. What followed was a very long period of play between the other four players, mainly due to the fact that both White and Blue knew that if one of them was eliminated next, the other one would win the overall ranking and the 150€. In the end it was Mr. Blue who was knocked out by Ms. Pink, when they both turned a flush: 8 high vs. K high.

White played like real nit meanwhile to avoid elimination and had become very shortstacked and that’s why he was busted in third place. Then it was between Ms. Pink and Mr. Orange, both already owner of one bracelet. Ms. Pink had about 14500 chips, Orange about 9500. This hand decided everything after twenty minutes of heads-up play:

Ms. Pink (button, sb 200)  KsJd

Mr. Orange(bb 400) 3c3s

Pink raised it up to 1000, Mr. Orange made it 2500, Pink called. Flop came Js8s3d . So top pair versus bottom set, a flop which would create some action you would think. But Orange slowplayed his set and Pink checked behind. Turn came 2s, so Pink added a King high flushdraw to her hand. Then Orange bet 3000, and Pink moved all-in, putting Orange all-in. Orange made the call and river came… 7s, making Pink a flush. This challenge was a new succes, we’ll see about a third one!

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