Play a small pocket pair

Every poker player will have its own different tactics to play the big pocket pairs from let’s say Queens to Aces. Hand like Jacks and Tens are known as ‘problem-hands’, as people are often dragged into big pots with those hands. But how to play the small pocket pairs preflop?

The great part of all poker players agrees on how to play them in early and middle position: just limp when possible and try to flop your set. Of course, in late position you can be a little more creative and try to win the pot preflop or acquire pot control. I have a little expample from a tournament I played this week, where I had 33 in early position:

Now this is a relatively weak raise on the button: three times the big blind with already two callers in front you. Maybe I should have bet the flop with the paired board but in the end I’m still able to pick up the pot with a good bet.

Mr. Brown has also sent me an interesting hand from an heads-up game he played on Full Tilt:

royal flush omaha hu Mr Brown

Apparently he’s playing Pot Limit Omaha for the moment and apparently he made a royal flush 🙂 . Now I don’t know much about this game but the pot looks nice ^^

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