Punishing the good player

Hello poker addicts and other gambling people. Now the PSOP have passed, I started to concentrate on my online game again. The PSOP made me realize I still have to work on my tournament skills, because I want to become the best overall poker player, not only a brilliant cashgame player. So I returned to the poker room where it all began for me, Everest Poker, to play some tournaments.

Pity: the hand histories from Everest Poker are totally disgusting, so not a single poker hand replayer will convert them. So I’ll just paste the hand history over here:

Starting game 5003919898.

Mr Brown69 is at seat 0 with 2,375.
mandrin81 is at seat 1 with 985.
elmelun888 is at seat 2 with 715.
Henry6 is at seat 4 with 950.
sodos is at seat 5 with 990.
fortunafreak is at seat 6 with 1,000.
9hertz40 is at seat 7 with 1,000.
madjumber is at seat 8 with 995.
nicomathilda is at seat 9 with 990.

The dealer is seat 1.

elmelun888 posts a blind of 5.
Henry6 posts a blind of 10.

(Mr Brown69 is dealt 5c 2c.)

sodos calls for 10.
fortunafreak folds.
9hertz40 folds.
madjumber folds.
nicomathilda folds.
Mr Brown69 raises 30.
mandrin81 calls for 40.
elmelun888 folds.
Henry6 folds.
sodos calls for 30.

The flop comes
4c 6c 7c.

sodos bets 10.
Mr Brown69 raises 70.
mandrin81 folds.
sodos raises 295.
Mr Brown69 raises 885.
sodos goes all-in for 575.
310 is pushed back to Mr Brown69.


sodos shows: 10c Qc
Qc 10c 7c 6c 4c
Flush, Queen high

Mr Brown69 shows: 5c 2c
7c 6c 5c 4c 2c
Flush, Seven high

The turn comes Kc.
The river comes 6d.

Mr Brown69 shows: 5c 2c
Kc 7c 6c 5c 4c
Flush, King high

sodos shows: 10c Qc
Kc Qc 10c 7c 6c
Flush, King high

sodos wins pot (2,035).

You see, this is obviously a clear case of punishing the good player and rewarding the poker donk. I make a very good raise on the cut-off with an hand which is very easy to play after the flop in that position. Two loose players call this raise BUT I FLOP A FLUSH + THE STRAIGHT FLUSH DRAW! Donk 1 leads out with the minbet, I raise while opening a bottle of champaign. Then I get reraised by this monkeyman as he flopped the higher flush. He’s so lucky I don’t make my straight flush. I’ll keep informing you about my pushes.

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