Sick High Stakes Action

So Mr. Brown was watching some High Stakes Poker yesterday and I saw a really great pot during episode 11 of season 4. It’s one of the last episodes in this season where the players have decided to bring $500k to the table. This means there’s $5 million total on the table.

Now there’s of course the always tight playing Sammy Farha (you must love the man), French cash game player David Benyamine and his fellow countryman Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil. I’ve got the hand right here for you, it starts after 7 minutes:

Now how sick is this?? Sammy of course calls Guy’s preflop raise with 32 suited and flops the flushdraw. But Guy realizes this is a dangerous board and bets his topset. Now it’s probably because there’s an extra player in this pot with Sammy that Guy bets his set directly and that saves him a LOT of money. Of course Sammy makes his flush and Guy is lucky to make a boat but the poor Benyamine would have made running quads…

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