Status Quo Poker

That’s what it looks like if you observe the bankroll evolution in the last past days. Besides Mr. Blue, the other three players have about the same bankroll as they did last time.

Mr. Brown did improve with 30 dollars though ($398), but that’s not that surprising if you’re playing $22 hu sng’s 😉 .Mr. White won some and lost some and was in that way not able to do what he did before his tilt: make some solid profits every three days. He has about $269 now and is in third place. I’m still in last place and it just looks like I’m not able to be a winning player anymore. I even scored my coinflip situations this week to see if I was that unlucky and I lost 73% of them, so yes maybe a little unlucky.

The only one who made a decent improvement on his bankroll was Mr. Blue, who won among others a $20 sng with 18 players. He sent me some key hands:

So he escapes there with a spade on the river, but he can’t really escape from that all-in with only 10 bb’s left. A couple of hands later:

That’s really a sick hand 🙂 . So Mr. Blue’s again down to 10 bb’s and shoves against 2 monsters. Of course he’s a big dog preflop against KK, but a two to one favorite against AK for the side pot to stay alive (this improves to 77,96% after the flop). But the case King drops down on the turn (down to 4,76% suddenly) and then he catches one of the two remaining sixes. I hope I’ll have some of that luck the next couple of days so I can compete for victory again 😉

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