Straight flush baby

LOL did Mr. Blue show a royal flush from me last time in Pot Limit Omaha, this time I just flopped a straight flush in TEXAS HOLD’EM! I just cashed out my bankroll when a couple of dollars rakeback was deposited in my account, so I decided to play a little sit ‘n go for a buck or something when I was bored 🙂 .

I was playing like almost every hand and the funny thing was: I almost won 60% of them ^^. So we were down to three players when I got…

…KQ suited in the big blind. A shorty moves with an Ace and is CRUSHED LIKE HELL on the flop hehe. As the odds of flopping a straight flush depend on the kind of hand you hold in the hole, it’s hard to say what my exact chances were here. The best chance you have is when you hold mid range suited connectors from 45 to TJ, you are about 1 to 5000 in that case to flop a straight flush. Guess I was lucky^^.

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