Three points Booyakasha

I don’t talk a lot over here, but I can tell you one thing: I finished in 5th place in a 212 players tournament yesterday, took down 3 points and immediately took the lead in our poker challenge. Hurray.

I can’t show you a lot of hands because I was working during the tournament (some of those people here actually have a job…) so I needed all my attention for just playing. I did save one particular hand because it was crucial in building the stack I took with me to the final table:

We are both relatively deep stacked here and at the moment I raise him on the flop, I know he has a weaker Ace than me. But my opponent is not giving me a hard time getting all the chips in the middle, when he raises all-in on the turn with, indeed, his weak Ace. Always nice to eat another big stack, at that point I was in second place with 136 players left. In the end I finished #5th. The new rankings:

  1. Mr. Orange 3 points
  2. Mr. White 2 points
  3. Mr. Blue 0 points

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