Tournament cold decks

This is Mr. Blue over here. I tried to collect my first points in the new challenge this week but it looks like Pokerstars doesn’t want me to win this thing. I faced two cold decks in a time span of four minutes so I didn’t collect any points yet. Positive thing: the other guys also didn’t reach a final table yet.

Let’s not talk too much about this jokes, let’s go immediately to the hands, first one:

What can I say? I raise in late position with 77 after some rock just limped with his 99, and he first needs to flop a set before he raises me. Of course I also had to flop a set… So I was eliminated but no problem: I played at another table simultaneously and was hoping to make a deep run over there. There the next hand was dealt:

Why not see a cheap ass flop with A2? Because you can flop two pair and the villain next to you flops a better two pair. To make it even worse: let’s both make a full house on the turn. I hope I will have some more luck in the following tournaments, for now I say goodbye.

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