White and Blue neck and neck

Yes, the difference between our current number 1 and 2 is only $6. Mr. White has taken back the lead since a long time and has a $464 bankroll now, Mr. Blue is behind him with $458.

Mr. White made a profit of almost $100 the last three days, mainly by doing well in shorthanded $10 sng’s. He stated though he will no longer play at this stakes and will play $20 buy-in tournaments with his current bankroll, we’ll see how that will develop. So Mr. Blue has lost the lead but is still in second place with a decent profit by cashing in some multi-table sng’s.

While Ms. Pink is still in last place with only $275 (however, she only played yesterday, because she took a little break after her ‘bad run’, she even lost the pleasure in playing poker 😛 ), I remain in third place with $335. Now I saw some pretty sick things yesterday and the day before which prevented me from cashing more, for example (click to enlarge):

miss quad kings

So I’m playing a 9 handed tourney and get K4 off on the cut-off. It’s raised under the gun and I make a logical fold. Flop and turn drove me crazy… THE VERY NEXT DAY:


So I make a small bet preflop and the player behind me makes a small reraise. The button calls and so do I. Flop is not helping me and the cut-off bets again and is called by the button, I fold. Turn and river made me very sick. I hope I’ll just catch quads on the flop next time…

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