White takes it all, Blue still leads

So it looks like, after four events, it’s again between Mr. White and Mr. Blue in the allround classification. Maybe we should admit by now that they are the best tournament (important) players in our middle. However, we’re talking about the overall ranking here, the big money still has to be earned in our ‘main event’.

Mr. White planned winning the winner takes all event last time and so he did, we must give him credit for that. He defeated the surprising Ms. Blonde heads-up, won 120€ and acquired six important points for the overall ranking, where he is one point behind leader Mr. Blue (17) now, who finished fourth. But also Brown and Orange (14) and even myself (12) still can win there, only Ms. Blonde is eliminated (11).

The first two to be eliminated yesterday were our last two bracelet winners, being myself (6th) and Mr. Orange (5th). When the other four remained, White won the deciding pot of the evening towards his victory. Here we go (without suits, as they aren’t important in this hand):

Ms. Blonde (button) 2950, 86

Mr. White (sb, 30) 3800, TT

Mr. Brown (bb, 60) 1700, K3

Mr. Blue 3550, 99

Blue is under the gun and makes it 200 to go. Blonde gets out of the way and then it’s up to White with pocket tens. He makes it 750 and with Blue calling the two deep stacks go heads-up to the flop. Flop comes K 6 9 so Blue outdraws White by spiking his set. Blue leads out with a bet of 850 and White calls. The turn gives White a higher set: T. Blue shoves his resting 1950 chips into the pot and gets of course insta called. The river comes another 6 and White wins a 7130 pot with the best full house.

Mr. White was very happy he got to eliminate personally Mr. Blue as he knew it was important that Blue didn’t finish top three, regarding the overall ranking. Mr. Brown was knocked out in the next blinds level and the deep stacked Mr. White remained with Ms. Blonde. White finished her with A3, which was played curiously. He limped to trap, while Blonde had K2. flop came 7 A K and Blonde shoved, White called. Up to the main event now

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