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Hi there poker fanatics. We were having our weekly cashgame the other day and we were discussing the episodes of Poker After Dark where some amateur player can compose his own (shorthanded) poker table and play against these pros. Now the question rised which five players we would each invite to this ‘exclusive game’  . Besides that, we have to decide which player we absolutely don’t want to play against, for whatever which reason. I, Ms. Pink, will kick-off this round-up!

1 First of all, I would of course invite my favorite player Daniel Negreanu. Besides of being an extraordinary good player, he also always acts like a nice guy. It will be difficult to beat him, but he simply HAS to be there.

2 Because I don’t want to be all surrounded by guys, I invite the wonderful Annie Duke to my table. Just like Daniel, she looks like a really nice person and I think she’s the best female player at the moment.


3 Third person who will be at my table is the hottest guy around: Antonio Esfandiari. Maybe he can also learn me some chiptricks, or at least comment how sick this game is  .


4 Maybe a little less known, but a great poker talent nevertheless: Gavin Griffin. This guy performed great on some EPT events and I would like to give him a chance to play at my table  .

5 Last but not least there’s GABE KAPLAN! Well, if he’s there it has to be a funny game anyway. Whatever happens.

Not allowed to enter the room:

Sammy Farha. I’m sorry Mr. Brown, and I believe Sammy is without any doubt a nice guy, but I think I would go crazy seeing him raise me every time!!

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